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GoS Watches Introduces The 2nd Edition Of The Sarek, With The Sarek Trollius

Smaller in size, but packing an even bigger visual punch.

| By Robin Nooy | 3 min read |

Some brands stick with you for whatever reasons more than others, and for me, GoS is such a brand. I fell in love with the intricate Damascus steel incorporated in watches by Patrik Sjögren under the GoS name bring to the table. For around a decade, I have kept close tabs on the brand (and Patrik) and took every opportunity to get up close and personal with his watches. Often inspired by Scandinavian folklore and nature, GoS knows more than a thing or two about how to unlock the full potential of Damascus steel, both in pattern and colour. This is demonstrated once more with the second-generation Sarek, introduced with the Sarek Trollius. And while the name might not be new, the watch most definitely is.

The 2nd-gen Sarek begins with a smaller size, dropping down from 43mm in diameter to 41.5mm. The height is kept relatively the same, despite the fact there is a thicker movement inside. The exterior shell of the Sarek Trollius is not made out of folded Damascus steel but follows suit with the previous Trollius edition of the Sarek. This means it has elliptical scallops in the caseband with handmade and -applied gold decorative rivets. The bezel shows the familiar leaf engraving, which is also found on the outer edge of the caseback. There are plenty more details to be discovered, such as the shortened, reshaped and engraved lugs, the fully handmade crown, and the special engraving on the centre section of the caseback.

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Moving to the dial, we see the glass chapter ring of the Norrsken has found its way into the Sarek. It is slightly recessed into the dial, showing the intricate patterns of the Damascus steel underneath. The glass ring has gold enamel on the outer edge as well as milled hour markers, which casts a captivating gold glow in certain angles. This is all done to enhance the play of the Damascus steel dial and its countless valleys and ridges, which is the result of acid-etching. As this type of material is entirely handmade in the traditional way, there’s no control over the final pattern and each dial is therefore unique. The finishing touch is the handmade gold-plated spear-shaped hour and minute hands, accompanied by a needle-like central seconds hand, all polished to a high-gloss finish.

As mentioned, there is a new movement too. Where the first generation of the Sarek relied on a Soprod A10 movement, this second generation is equipped with the G101 automatic movement by La Joux-Perret. This gives it a very welcome power reserve of 65 hours, a significant upgrade over the 42 hours of the outgoing calibre. The G101 is finished to GoS’ standards, with an anthracite finish and a skeletonized and bevelled rotor with a gold-coloured Triskele symbol, a GoS signature element.

The GoS Sarek Trollius comes on a black Moose leather strap, which I can tell from experience is extremely soft to the touch. This is fitted with a Damascus steel pin buckle, which finishes it off perfectly. Production is limited to just 4 pieces per year so as not to interfere with other projects by Swedish craftsman Anders Hedlund, who does the engraving and the gold rivets for GoS. Each piece is engraved with a unique number combination of models No 1 through 4 followed by the year of production.

With each watch essentially being a handcrafted unique piece, you really get something special in return for the USD 18,500 (before VAT) you would have to part with to get one. To all those who are interested in the watch, or to learn more about Patrik and the GoS brand, know that you’re always welcome to visit the newly opened workshop and showroom in Linköping, Sweden.

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