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Seiko Discus Burger

| By Frank Geelen | 0 min read |

I made some pictures of my new Seiko Discus Burger SCBS007 i’d like to share.



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10 responses

  1. Thank you for sharing !

    I really like this model and the SCBS005 (white model).
    Can you explain me what to do or where can I buy one ?
    (I think it is possible via Internet but I cannot find a site on which I can purchase it 🙁 …

    Thank you in advance.


  2. Hi Theo,
    I bought the Seiko Discus online via a privat seller who sold the watch on
    If you sent me an email i can sent his privat email to you. He also sold the white version and all new models as well.

  3. Hello Franck,

    Thank you for the link!
    I have done some research on it and found a link to SeiyaJapan.
    Is it the privat seller you are talking about ?
    And, can I trust this site to safetly purchase one ?


    PS : excuse me if this discussion must be done via PM. I do not know how to contact you in this way.

  4. Hi,

    I have just ordered “my watch” via SeiyanJapan web site.
    I will pay by check because I do not know if PayPal is really secure !
    If you have some advices, let me know them please.


    PS: I will let you know what occurs as soon as I receive it !


  5. Hi Franck,

    I have received mine and I am very happy to wear it on my wrist

    Thank you !


  6. What a coincidence! I haven’t worn my Seiko Burger in quite a while, but this morning i put in on my wrist again.

    I love this watch very much, because it’s so comfortable and fun to check the time.


  7. hello frank i have been looking for the black one for almost 3 years, you think there is some still out there, if there is can you give the link or some one that can sell me one?

  8. I know it’s been a couple years, however, any new links to purchase the watch? I must have one.

  9. For those who do not already know all about this watch, ( I assume you would like your sponsor to sell some)a brief mention of thickness, lug width, diameter ,and lug to lug measure would be helpful.Also what movement does this watch use?

  10. I just had an inspirational moment I am putting a watchband on my Big Ben Alarm clock 😀

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