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    Favorite Travel Tips?

    Everybody has some from favorite luggage, saving money, packing light (or what you can’t do without!). Feel free to give tips on specific destinations also.

    One of my favorites is a Travelon purse that has lockable zippers and anti-slash pockets. Great organizer and keeps you safer from pickpockets.

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    Best Schools for Undergraduate Aerospace Engineering

    This coming fall, my son is looking to apply to aerospace engineering and I am trying to make a list of universities that offer this undergraduate program. My issue is that I found out several sites with several significant different rankings - I looked at US News, Niche, College Factual …
    For sure our last decision will be related to finances, however at this point I am looking to create the application list.

    • I have this debate with my son …

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    Off-Topic Discussion from "Colleges Crossed Off List or Moved Up After Visiting"

    Maybe this thread will help. I’ve often thought of starting a thread to handle the overflow discussion this great thread generates.

    I understand the desire to keep this thread laser-focused on descriptions of visits. However, I also feel a comment or …

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    The Grandparent Thread

    Some of us have been on this board so long that now we are either grandparents or about to be grandparents - so I’m starting a thread for us. Because this is pretty exciting.

    My daughter-in-law is expecting a boy!

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    "Not elite" private colleges with strong need based aid?

    …for a student with 3.4 and waiting on SAT scores. Good student with strong service extracurriculars but will not get into the tip top schools. Def pell eligible. Is this a unicorn?


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    List of Top, Prestigious Awards

    <p>Let's compile a list of the more prestigious awards for high schoolers and assign a "prestige" rating to each award which is based on selectivity, honor, credibility, and overall impact on college admissions.</p>

    9 - TASP, RSI
    8 - ISEF
    7 - National Merit Semifinalist
    3 - AP Scholar
    0 - Who's Who, National Honor Roll</p>

    <p>I just added a few onto the scale as "reference" markers, but you can move those around as …

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    Is it okay to take only 3 math classes during HS (if kid has 6 HS math credits)?

    Hi, we are looking for advice re our rising HS Junior’s math pathway. Our question (the short version!) is whether it will be an issue for college applications if she has taken only 3 math classes during HS, even if she has 6 HS math credits and ends with AP Calc AB and AP Stat. She is undecided on major between bio sciences and English.

    The long version: She opted in 7th grade for a doubly-accelerated pathway and so ended …

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    SMU or UNC

    I found out today I was admitted to Cox at SMU and I am having a hard time choosing between SMU and UNC. While UNC I will major in statistics and analytics since I was denied as a transfer to the business school. I do love UNC and where it is, but I want what school will give me the best chance to get into business based on the program. Which would be the best option if I want to …

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    Binge watched tv shows

    Who watched the first season of Broad Church? We just binge watched the show. The first season was 8 episodes. We really enjoyed the show. It is a little slow moving. The accents are tough. The father looks like somebody we know.

    So… We have binge watched Homeland, the Affair and Broad Church recently. Thinking about binge watchng the Americans. I love Keri Russell. I don’t know why I didn’t watch season 2. :slight_smile:

    Definitely going to binge watch House of …

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    USC Class of 2026 — Regular Decision

    Class of 2025, please continue to use the 2025 class thread for questions and comments regarding your upcoming start and first year at USC!

    This new thread is for any and all types of USC questions for students applying during …

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    Athletic Pre-Read/Early Read

    My D is a rising senior and is hoping to play a varsity sport in college after her high school graduation. Earlier this past spring, my D started reaching to some D3 coaches at D3 schools that my D thought would be good academic fit. Many of the D3 schools that my D matches well with academically are T30 schools.

    Many of other coaches my D contacted responded with my D needing to up her ranking in her sport before …

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    Chance me for Andover, Exeter, Choate, Hotchkiss, Deerfield, and Groton! (With some questions as well)

    Hey everyone! I know this is very early on in the process, and I haven’t even made up my mind about the schools I am applying to or have all my info, but this is just to get some more insight on where/if I should I apply!

    Background Info: I am a white man who is going into 10th grade at a private day school. My school is considered by many to be the best in my state academically, but …

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    New Dementia Prevention Method May Be Behavioral, Not Prescribed

    As experimental drugs prove ineffective against increasing dementia cases in the U.S., researchers argue that improving eyesight can have an effect.

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    New Jeopardy host preference? / Jeopardy updates

    My preference so far is Ken Jennings. He seems like a natural. Mike Richards was good too. I like Katie Couric but don’t think she’s a good fit. I’m watching basketball so only saw a couple of minutes of Dr. Oz tonight. What I saw was not too exciting but I’ll reserve judgment since I did not see much of him yet.

    Very sad news about Brayden Smith.

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    CC Flip This House - Grandma House

    I know that I haven’t been posting much lately. I have become ensnared into a couple of crazy projects. I have two clients that purchased properties that had an unpermitted Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU). One one has two rentals in the basement and the garage. We have been just cleaning them up and desperately trying to get plans and permits to legalize the rentals. The City of San Diego has big lip service on how they are promoting ADUs and …

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    CC Flip This House - Plantation Cottage

    I’m not sure exactly what I did wrong, I’m always getting in trouble :wink: So starting new thread.

    For those that do not know the general location of the house - guessed with incredible skills by @VeryHappy - I have started work on a small plantation style house on the North Shore of Oahu.

    Plantation style house means that it is not built with 2x4 studs, insulation or drywall. Basically you have some 4x4 posts every now and then and sturdy …

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    ***Thread for BS/MD/DO 2022-2023***

    Please post here if you are applying during 2022-2023 season.

    Courtesy @Roentgen

    Questions you should think about for medical school selection



    452.62 KB

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    UMich Waitlist

    So I was waitlisted from UMich yesterday but I’m not sure what I can do to increase my chances of getting off the waitlist. I know that last year only 0.5% of students got off the waitlist so my chances aren’t likely, but I’d like to give my best shot. Does UMich allow LOCI’s? On the waitlist FAQ, it states, “We will not accept any additional documents from you unless specifically requested, as they will not impact your final decision.” …

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    UCLA Class of 2026 Waitlist/Appeal Discussion

    I have started a Waitlist/Appeal discussion for UCLA applicants.

    Below is some previous years data and information regarding the Waitlist and Appeal process. The Waitlist admits will vary from year to year, so there is no way to gauge your chances of being admitted. Fill out the questionnaire if you would like to opt into the wait list, then move on to your other acceptances. You can submit New grades/Schedule along with New accomplishments for the Waitlist.

    2021 data:
    Number …

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