Monochrome Watches
An online magazine dedicated to fine watches


Over the past decade, MONOCHROME has become Europe’s largest watch publication. Our readers, over half a million every month, are discerning watch enthusiasts from around the globe. MONOCHROME offers a unique opportunity to get in touch with your target audience, your potential customers. Since 2006 MONOCHROME has grown an impressive audience who are (very) interested in high-end mechanical watches.


  • Founded in 2006
  • Largest EU-based watch media and Top 3 Worldwide
  • Core team: Brice (France), Frank (Netherlands), Rebecca (Spain), Xavier (Switzerland)
  • Contributors: Erik (USA), Gandor (Netherlands), Nick (Australia), Robin (Netherlands), Tom (UK)
  • Articles published: 4,500 and counting…
  • Pageviews since the very beginning: 50 million and counting…


  • Strong focus on Haute Horlogerie and Fine Watchmaking (no quartz watches, no smartwatches, only mechanical watches)
  • Only self-written content
  • Our articles are often borderline educational
  • In-depth reviews, engaging stories and our selection of news
  • Our expertise enables us to explain every small detail in a way that everyone can understand it

MONOCHROME only highlights the most interesting, beautiful and exclusive watches. Together with our partner brands, we create custom advertising opportunities. For more information, please submit your contact details to [email protected]